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We are a small family intensive vegetable grower in Eastwood, near Woodstock, Ontario. The background to why we started our vegetable growing business is on our blog, you can read more about who we are and our personal stories on our About Us page.

Our aim is to provide consumers with healthy, nutritious vegetables grown under environmentally friendly sustainable conditions. We are not yet certified as Organic producers as that requires several years.

Our crops are grown under low tunnels or in our cold frame to protect them from insects and disease and to maintain a consistent growth pattern on colder days. They are not grown in a hydroponic system, they grow in the soil in the field.

low tunnels with sides lifted during the day

However we do not use herbicides, always use biological controls first and only use the least harmful chemical controls as a last resort if pest or disease levels become too serious to be controlled by biological and management measures.

Many of our vegetables have had no chemical sprays at all..

Bryan Wright had extensive experience in Africa growing a range of vegetables for export to Europe. That market required higher levels of hygiene, chemical usage, safety and environmental impact standards than is common for the North American market.

The Cold Frame

Our main crops for our first season are: Cabbages – red & green, Sweet Peppers, Hot Chillies, Cherry and Regular Tomatoes. We are also growing smaller quantities of; Onions, Leeks, Potatoes, Beetroot, Radish, Garlic, Broccoli, Fennel, Sweet Corn, Ornamental Gourds and Pumpkins.

Broccoli, Peppers, Physallis Garlic and Fennel in the cold frame

We sell our produce from our farm stall on Blandford Road, at the Woodstock downtown Farmers Market on Thursdays (from 17 August 2017) and in conjunction with Red Barn Berries at the Saturday Farmers Market in Cambridge, Ontario.

You can come and buy as little as one tomato from the farm or we will happily deliver orders over $25 within 20 km of the farm.

Phone us at 519-467-0275, email us via the contact page or text me at 519-320-1814, Karen at 226-926-5050 or Sue at 519-320-8602 to check on price and availability.